Edward Lyons, master Enchanter

I am clearly a wizard. Specifcally and Enchanter. If you have an Item I can make it do magic. Or I can make a magical Item for you. Currently I may be the only one of my family in business... Or at the ancestral home, or even alive, but I am also the best, the pride of the Lyons family, and prepared for any pun you might make about that. ((OC enchanter from alternate history Earth. Will welcome anyone to RP with from any fandom and... well just about anything really.))

Four people want enchantments… Please want enchantments

Edward eyed up the four, his fingers crossed.  The ratio of visits to sales had been terrible as of late.  One in four of these people would be interested in making a sale right?  Right?

"H-hello there all."  He stuttered.  "I am Edward Lyons, master Enchanter.  If you want anything ordinary to do magic I am the man you talk to.  So… Um, anyone looking for anything?"

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