Edward Lyons, master Enchanter

I am clearly a wizard. Specifcally and Enchanter. If you have an Item I can make it do magic. Or I can make a magical Item for you. Currently I may be the only one of my family in business... Or at the ancestral home, or even alive, but I am also the best, the pride of the Lyons family, and prepared for any pun you might make about that. ((OC enchanter from alternate history Earth. Will welcome anyone to RP with from any fandom and... well just about anything really.))


♪ - song you’re listening to 
♥ - crush 
✔ - single or taken 
✖ - virgin/not virgin 
☀ - sexual orientation 
✌ - favorite color 
✄ - height & weight 
✞ - religious views 
☠ - worst way to die in your opinion 
✰ - bestfriend 
☢ - most embarrassing moment 
❅ - favorite season 
♤ - pet peeves 
♊ - zodiac sign

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((For those of you wondering how big Kurou’s dick is (in theory)



Its roughly a foot long.

How did I come to this conclusion?

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So was anybody wodnering how long @crimson-huntress penis was?

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Send me “Sexy” and my muse will dress up for you


First person: Maid/Butler
Second person: Cat 
Third person: Bunny
Fourth person: Nurse
Fifth person: Officer
Sixth person: Nothing but the bra and garter/Leather pants and vest
Seventh person: School girl/boy
Eighth person: Sexy devil
Ninth person: Lace panties/Masculine equivalent (describe)
Tenth person: Any of their choice

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iamclearlyawizard said: Edward stared at the young man. "The hell are you doing?" He asked him. "What the hell are ya doing? That's a terrible way to manage your magic. what kinda amateur are ya?"


"Hm?"  Robin looked ‘down’ from his position hanging upside down from a tree branch on his legs, his arms dangling beneath him as his gaze fell on the stranger suddenly chastising him.  "Am I…uh…am I doing something wrong?"  Yet of course he obviously wasn’t paying attention to whatever he’d said.

"Yes you idiot!"  He said waving his arms.  "That’s a terribly way to gather your mana into spells!"  He said, glasses on his head.  "God, I know my family uses an unusual form, but still!  You’re not even forming a spell really, you have to control the magic more!"

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daemonbreed replied to your post “You’ve been a bad boy~”

Thale just grin and yanked him from the wall and pushed him onto the bed. “Mhm! Been dying too really~ you have such a hot body and I wanna ride it~” she was tugging his shirt up.

"My god."  He said to her as she pushed him to their bed.  "You’re crazy."  He chuckled.  "But I guess I can do something."

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daemonbreed said: "You've been a bad boy~"

Edward was quiet as he was pushed to the wall.  He stared at her in silence.  ”Well.  Hmmm.”  He smirked.  ”What are you going to do about it?”  He asked her.  ”You crazy thing, I’ll bet you’ll go and fuck me.”

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Send me “You’ve been a bad boy/girl.” For my muses reaction to yours saying this as they shove them against a wall.

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thomas-frost-jarvis-ogami said: "So I'm gonna guess....you're probably a wizard? Hey do you know a Sarah Lyons?"



"Enchanter."  He said seated on his porch as he observed a small glass jar with a blue flame within it, floating in the air by him.  The flame was not attached to any wick, just there burning in the center.  "Who the hell is Sarah Lyons?"  He asked confused.


"Oh? The reach your hand in….close your eyes….and make a wish." The merchant instructs as he holds out his open backpack.

Edward was quiet as he looked at the merchant.  He put on a set of glasses.  ”Interesting.”  He said as he opened it up, without putting his hand in it.  ”Safe…  Why not.”  He snorted.  ”It not like you can give me back the family sword, that’s in the Czarist states.”

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New Demon hunter on the block


Thomas quietly let down his latest victim.  Some random demon who had been having his way with some locals.

His latest victim lay across the whole of the road.  He glanced over at the newcomer.  ”Yes?”  He asked.  ”What are you going to say to me now?  How much did you see I wonder?”

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